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  •  List Building on Crack ReviewAdvertise to Buyers Only
  • Full List Building Video Course Included
  • Send Solo Mails
  • Buy Banner Ads
  • Up To 50% Commissions
        Overview List Building On Crack is mainly a video course on a way to build a list of buyers. The video course is a popular technique that works well. The course has 10 videos that go step by step when teaching how to take advantage of the method. An added feature of this site is the opportunity to advertise to other buyers of the course. You can send solo ads that works just like a safelist. You get credits for viewing the emails of other members that will allow you to send your own emails. You can also buy banner and login ads however, these ads can’t be redeemed with credits. Membership Levels List Building on Crack has 3 different membership levels. Each of them have their own benefits and they each cost $10. You are required to buy the previous membership before you can buy the next one. This results in level 1 costing $10, level 2 costing $20, and level 3 costing $30. list building on crack membership levels list building on crack referral click earnings Results List building on Crack works like any other safelist. The main difference is that you are advertising to proven buyers rather then a mix between buyers and freebie seekers. For this test I used 3 different squeeze pages. Free 1 Hour Traffic, Free Leads Forever, and Free List Building Website.  


Squeeze PageMembers MailedTotal ClicksReal Clicks (> 5 Seconds)Rejected Clicks (< 5 Seconds)Unique ClicksSubscribers
Free 1 Hour Traffic24383570
Free Leads Forever240148690
Free List Building Website2411688150

Final Thoughts

List Building on Crack should be used more so for the list building course than for direct advertising. I don’t know if the site only has 240 members or if those are just the limits put into place for mailings but it is impossible to get decent results from a safelist with such low numbers. The idea of a buyers only safelist works well in theory but the execution is lacking. Until the site builds a larger, more active membership base, advertising here will just be a waste of money.

  • Transparency
  • Price
  • Extras
  • Quality


Transparency - With this site you know exactly who you're advertising to. People who paid for access to the site. This will be people who are looking to build their list and who have buying power. The only reason why I didn't give this a 5 is because I had no idea the active membership was so small. I actually bought the highest level membership expecting an active site.

Price - If you go into this site with the idea that you're buying a video course, then the $10 for the basic membership will be worth the price. However, none of the upgrades are worth the money. You will just end up with thousands of credits and nothing to spend it on.

Extras - The video course is a good one. It goes over how to build a buyers list by adding a bonus to the paid products of others. This is a very successful technique it is still highly used today. The reason why I gave it a 3 is because it is a method that has several courses already floating around. I will say that this is one of the better ones.

Quality - This was a tough one to judge since the numbers are so low. The click thru rate of each solo mailing was over 5% which is high for a safelist but when you're only mailing to 240 people, 5% isn't really worth the mailing. You would only use numbers that low in much higher quality advertising. Plus the fact that I didn't get any conversions on sites that are proven convert with this type of traffic didn't help at all.

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