Supercharged Solo Ads Review

  • Super Charged Solo Ads ReviewSend solo ads to a network of sites
  • Send to 40,000 members
  • Earn 40% Commissions


Supercharged Solo Ads is a super solo service by Matthew Graves. Matthew owns a few traffic sites and Supercharged Solo Ads lets you mail to the members of his other sites. Each email goes out to 40,000 members. There are 3 different membership levels. Gold members get 4 solo ads a month for $39.95 a month or $247 a year. Silver members get 2 solo ads a month for $19.95 a month or $147 a year. The free membership allows you to buy solo ads directly. You can buy 5 solos for $49 or take advantage of the signup offer and buy your first ad for $7


The sales page claims that each solo ad has a guaranteed 1,000 clicks. I have found that this is not the case. Only one of my solo ads got close to 1,000 clicks. And to make matters worse, only half of those clicks were unique. Here are the stats from 3 of my solo ads. The first ad went out to my List Spark squeeze page while the other two went out to my Free 1 Hour Traffic page.
Solo #Total ClicksReal Clicks (> 5 Seconds)Rejected Clicks (< 5 Seconds)Unique ClicksSubscribers

Final Thoughts

This is a tricky one. The quality of the traffic is very. Most of the visitors don’t stay on your site for more than 5 seconds and only half of the visitors are unique. But despite all of this, I still managed to get some subscribers. The 21 subscribers I gained cost me $26.95 ($7 for one and $19.95 for two more). That means I paid $1.28 per subscriber. $1.28 really isn’t that bad. At the current price per solo, I wouldn’t recommend this service. It would seem that Matthew’s sites must have lost a lot of activity. Either the price of each ad needs to come down or the site network needs to become more active. He also needs to get rid of that 1,000 click guarantee until he can actually meet that promise again. Supercharged Solo Ads Review  
  • Transparency
  • Price
  • Quality


Transparency - It's not clear at all where your ads going to until after you join the site. Even then afterward there is no clear explanation of where your ads are going. If you don't have decent tracking, you will just have to hope that Matthews list of sites is where the traffic is coming from.

Price - The $7 promo price is okay but paying the normal $10 is too much. The quality of the traffic is too low and there several other places that offer better solos for $10.

Extra - I left this one out since the only extra the site really has is the referral program.

Quality - A 1% conversion is typical for these types of sites but the low number of unique visitors and the low visit time greatly lowers the quality of the traffic.



    • Hey Drew,

      Thanks for the comment. Matthew is currently reworking his sites so hopefully Supercharged Solo Ads will be able to deliver on in promises again soon.

      If you do decide to try out any of these sources, feel free to leave a review of your own.




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