Thank You Ad Network Review

Thank You Ad Network Review
  • Free Passive Traffic
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Up To 100% Commissions
  • Hosted Download And Thank You Pages
  • Bonus Products And Tools For Upgraded Members
  • Free Banner and Text Ads
Overview The Thank You Ad Network is a free advertising membership site by Frank Salinas. As a member of the site you create a text ad and put a piece of HTML code on your download or thank you pages. The HTML produces a box with text ads from other members. When visitors click on the ads, you earn points that are then used to show your text ad on the download and thank you pages of others. This is a very easy way to generate extra traffic from the traffic that your already getting. Plus, there’s no incentive for visitors to click on your ads so the traffic is genuinely interested in your site. Members can also create download and thank you pages in the members area which are then hosted for free. Membership Levels  The free membership is more than enough to do what you signed up for, which is to get free traffic. You can also display banner and text links inside the members area. Credits for these ads can be earned or bought. The benefits for upgrading include bonus products, tools, higher commissions, more advertising and more credits for links within the site it self and on thank you pages. here Final Verdict  The traffic is slow but targeted. It takes a while to get visits and you wont get hundreds or thousands a day but it does convert. Those who click on your thank you ads will be those who are actually interested in your offer. There are better ways to get traffic but if your looking for a way to set up a free download page that will get some free visitors, than this will work for you.  
Thank You Ad Network Review
  • Targeting
  • Price
  • Extras
  • Quality


Targeting - Most of the traffic will be from the members of the Thank You Ad Network. This means that you know it will be people who are trying to build their list. The traffic from the thank you pages of other members will be all over the place in terms of targeting but at least only those you who are interested will actually click your link after reading it. This will lead to better conversions on your text links.
Price - The free membership can get you plenty of traffic. Possibly even endless traffic as long as people are seeing your thank you pages. This can lead to truly unlimited hands free traffic. The only problem is that the site doesn't have enough active members. As of right now, the site has over 14,000 members. Since List building isn't easy, you can bet that a large portion of those members are either inactive or not bringing in steady traffic to their thank you ads. Upgrading will give you pretty much all the traffic you can get from the site. You can get plenty of banner and text ads that will last a long time.
Extras - The extras that the site provides can priceless to those getting started. The best feature is the ability to create and host download pages for free. This will be great for those who don't have the money or the skills build their own sites. Plus, every time you send someone to this free download page, you can gain free traffic to your squeeze page. When you ad that to the promo codes available for several other traffic sites and the ads in the members area, this could be the only resource you need to start building a list.
Quality - The traffic is slow and there's very little of it but it does convert. After 1,000 views on my thank you ad, there were only 2 clicks. But both of those clicks became subscribers. That's 2 new subs for free with no work of my own. As I leave the ads on my download pages, I can expect to get free subs years from now without any extra work at all. With this system, you're not going to build a list over night but you get free subs as you work on other methods.

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