Solo Ad Warehouse Review

  • Solo Ad Warehouse Review2,500 Guaranteed Visitors
  • 25% Commissions¬†
  • Full Page Login Ads
  • Free Email Marketing Guides
  • Customizable Downline Builder


The Solo Ad Warehouse is a advertising co-op company. Just like Viral Solo Ad Co-op, Solo Ad Warehouse buys advertising at several traffic generation websites and rents out positions in their rotator. Each position will guarantee at least 2,500 visitors. That’s what you can expect in unique visitors but you get almost twice that in raw clicks.


The prices for each position greatly differ depending on how much you buy at once. The prices in the members area are much higher than the login and new member offers. The prices rang from $59.95 for a single position to as little as $239.84 for 8 positions ($29.98 each). My advice would be to start out small. Go for the 3 positions for $99.95 ($33.31 each) new member offer. If the traffic converts well for your offer, then go big with the higher packages.


There are a few extras that come with your membership. There is a downline builder that lets you add 3 new programs along with putting in your links for the several programs already available. These 3 programs will be seen by everyone you refer. You also get access to several ebooks, audios, and videos about email marketing. Most of these you can find on any PLR membership site but they still have useful information. You can also buy full page login ads for $2.50. The ads will require members to view your website for 10 seconds before loging into the site. The site only has a little over 1,500 members so $2.50 is a good price. You will also find links to several other super solo ad providers. None of which are as effective as Solo Ad Warehouse.


I to test this site, I bought 3 positions for 3 different squeeze pages. My Free Leads System, my Free Website offer, and my Free 1 Hour Traffic course.
Squeeze PageTotal VisitorsUnique VisitorsReal Visits (> 5 Seconds)Rejected Visits (< 5 Seconds)SubscribersTotal SalesTotal Value of Sales
Free Lead System4988224426382350125$103
Free Website5494291821713323121$7
1 Hour Traffic42331888223819951700
As you can see, each site gained subscribers but my Free Leads site gained quite a few sales. If I factor in the cost the 3 positions divided by the amount of new subscribers, I paid $2.43 per subscriber. The total commissions I maid from the sales equal to $59. That brings the price down to $0.99 per subscriber.

Final Thoughts

I did very well with one campaign and good with the others. It is possible that I may have just gotten very lucky. Regardless, it is safe to say that Solo Ad Warehouse does advertise to buyers. I will continue to advertise my Free Lead System on this site until it starts to become ineffective. So far this is the best results I’ve gotten from any of these Super Solo Co-op sites. Solo Ad Warehouse Review
Solo Ad Warehouse Review
  • Transparency
  • Price
  • Extras
  • Quality


Transparency - The home page tells you the type of sites that they advertise on. They don't tell you exactly which sites the traffic is coming from like Viral Solo Ad Co-op but they do give you enough info to know who you're advertising to.

Price - The prices are higher than most super solo sites but the amount of traffic is higher as well. If you take advantage of the login offers, the price for each position becomes more than worth it. Especially when considering the possible sales.

Extras - The site doesn't have very many extras but the email marketing courses are very useful. They are a bit old but most of the information in them are still useful. Especially for those who are new to email marketing.

Quality - The quality if definitely a mixed bag. The conversion rate is very low (less than 1%) but the ones who do convert are solid. Normally I would give such poor conversions a lower grade but the amount of sales greatly boosted the rating. I wanted to give this one a 5 but those low conversions shouldn't get a 5 so I went with a 4.8


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